scraplights white

a refreshing take on a responsible idea.


kerflights wood

baltic birch shades in three natural finishes.

Kerflights – Wood Series

Introducing the revamped kerflights series with all new handmade wood shades!

Kerflights have always been inspired by tried and true handcrafting techniques, and we’re proud to announce the all new wood shade panels. Crafted from FSC-certified baltic birch plywood, the panels are available with three durable non-toxic hand-finishes: whitewash, espresso, and a reversible lava / natural combo. The wood shades come standard on all new kerflight fixtures, and are available separately for a seamless upgrade to any existing kerflight.

Also being introduced are two additional models – the Drum6 and Drum9 hanging pendants. The largest kerflights yet, they range in diameter from 22”-33” and maximize light output with multiple lamp sources and integrated frosted acrylic diffusers. Durable and easy to clean, all kerflights are perfect for commercial and residential applications.

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Scraplights – White Series

We’re proud to bring you the long-awaited new series, Scraplight white.

The Scraplight white series pushed the collaboration between the Graypants Seattle and Amsterdam studios to new levels. Through intensive research, development and dedication, the team was able to build upon the solid foundation of their original Scraplight series. Using custom-made pure white corrugated cardboard precision cut on advanced machinery, Graypants finally achieved the bright, modern glow always imagined. The crisp translucency perfectly contrasts the rustic warmth of the natural cardboard Scraplights, making them a chic alternative for a variety of spaces.

Scraplight white series is a fresh take on an original idea. This was worth the wait.

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Providing more than just illumination, this new collection is an LED system inspired by a breathtaking natural phenomenon: murmurations. The avian spectacle is translated into dynamic installations, with captivating three-dimensional forms. Each LED pendant within the “flock” is harmoniously connected to its neighbors, creating varying compositions from every viewpoint. By composing light in this way, we create a powerful collection that’s poised to tip, always on the verge of instant transformation.

The Murmuration collection will be compromised of several different pendants available in multiple materials. The collection will be available in two very unique ways: as standardized arrangements or as custom installations by the Graypants team.

For more information on Murmurations and other custom installations, download the Graypants Lookbook.

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Prop Panels

A multifunction architectural system, props are interlocking panels formed out of perforated metal. Through their unique shape and material, the props work together to create a stunning spacial installation while facilitating all the necessary building systems – including hvac airflow, controlled daylighting, acoustical performance, and fire suppression.

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Garage is graypants’ award-winning debut architecture project. Set as a residential cabin, the building is a careful balance of preserving memory of the existing structure and repurposing materials extracted from it. New and old elements have been merged to celebrate the beauty of everyday interactions – such as entering through the solid Corian sliding speakeasy cabinet, illuminating the stretched canvas walls with a mobile phone, revealing hidden beds beneath wooden floor panels that fold into seating, and lighting the century-old wood burning stove.

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Ice Press

The first countertop object from Graypants, the Ice Press is designed to uniquely enhance your cocktail experience. Utilizing the thermal properties of aluminum, it creates beautiful spheres of ice that seem to never melt. This product is the key to crafting a perfectly chilled drink, leaving the notes and characteristics of your spirits undiluted. The Ice Press is graceful in function and appearance, adding a delightful twist to the way your cocktail is prepared and enjoyed.

The Ice Press is made entirely in Seattle, Washington. It is machined from solid aluminum, with a food-safe black anodized finish, and detailed with stainless steel.

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